The Original Teenage Hackers

The Kid Hackers Who Starred in a Real-Life Wargames | The Telegraph by Michael T Vollmann

The kid hackers who starred in a real-life WarGames - THE TELEGRAPH

They didn't start World War 3, but in 1983 a group of tech-savvy boys introduced a petrified world to cyber-crime. What became of the original teen hackers? 

Among the tens of thousands of kids who saw WarGames, when it opened in June 1983, were 17 year old Neal Patrick and 20 year old Timothy Winslow from Milwaukee. Like the classic film’s lead character, played by Matthew Broderick, they were nice middle class kids from the American suburbs who were lucky enough...


I Hacked Into a Nuclear Facility... | CNN by Michael T Vollmann

I hacked into a nuclear facility in the '80s. You're welcome. - CNN

"I can't remember exactly when my teenage fascination with computers collided with the federal government, but I will never forget the morning in 1983 when two FBI agents showed up on my parents' doorstep.

I had gone to bed around 4 or 5 a.m. after spending hours on my computer..."


414s Bought By CNN Films | Milwaukee Journal Sentinal by Michael T Vollmann

Movie about Milwaukee teen hackers bought by CNN at Sundance - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

"The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers," a documentary about a group of Milwaukee-area teens who in 1983 hacked their way into computer systems around the country, was acquired by CNN Films at the Sundance Film FestivalFriday — the same day as its premiere at the festival.